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A boutique creative agency based in Coggeshall, Essex

Rabbit was founded in 2016 by Shelley and Philip Smith. Both media graduates who have spent their entire careers working within the creative industries.

Having worked for some major players including the BBC, Emap, Disney and 20th Century Fox, Rabbit has collectively over 25 years experience in digital content creation and marketing.

We help businesses reach and engage with their online audience through the production of Video Content to promote your business or event, and the planning and implementation of a creative Social Media Strategy. 

We believe that great content creates conversation!

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Everything we do is designed to interest and excite your audience. The content we produce for your business harnesses more online friends and followers who engage with your business and want to share in your conversation.

Video Production

Think videos cost the Earth? Not true. (Fake News). We create stunning corporate and event videos that truly sell your business without breaking the marketing budget. Video content is essential for creating a strong social media presence. A great video will instantly engage your online audience and through ‘shares’, ‘likes’ and ‘tagging’ your audience will take care of the marketing for you! Rabbit will look after everything, from developing creative ideas, to filming and producing the video. We will help you get your video out to your audience in the most effective way, and we guarantee they will love what they see.

Social Media Management

Want to maximise your social media presence but simply don’t have the resources? We will work with your marketing plan or creative calendar to produce a fully operational Social Media Strategy. We’ll plan and implement your Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures. We’ll produce picture assets, text videos and create relevant conversation to enrich the relationship your business has with it's audience. This strategy will help your business to reach new customers, and you won’t need to lift a finger!

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Coggeshall, Essex

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